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Regardless of the rapid development of modern medicine and biology, cancer takes millions of human lives. Someone,worldwide, dies from cancer every 30 seconds.
Everyone has friends or relatives who have died from or have been diagnosed with cancer.

The key to successful cancer treatment is early diagnosis.

If detected at the early stage, when there are no visible symptoms, cancer can be cured without any complex aggressive therapies.

Our mission is to save 1,000,000 lives annually

Millions of people can save their lives if they get early diagnosis of possible health problems.
Most malignant tumors detected early can be successfully cured!

According to the World Health Organization:

  • Each year 8,000,000 people die from cancer;
  • Every day 27,000 patients are diagnosed with cancer and this number is constantly growing;
  • Due to the late diagnosis more than half of cancer patients die, because manifestations of the disease appear in advanced stages;
  • In the last 10 year the number of oncology patients has increased by around 25%;
Each year around 200,000 children, worldwide, develop cancer, 100,000 of which die, mostly because of late diagnosis.
Stage 1 and even stage 2 cancer responds well to treatment.

The average 5-year survival rate of cancer patients after treatment:

  • Treatment in stage 1 cancer – around 93% of patients survive;
  • Treatment in stage 2 cancer – around 75% of patients survive;
  • Treatment in stage 3 cancer – around 55% of patients survive;
  • Treatment in stage 4 cancer – around 13% of patients survive;
The Luven technology allows to detect the disease in its early stages, thus, preventing its progression in thousands of patients.

Scientific foundation of the method

Any process in the body reflects in the cell, a structural unit of the body. Buccal cells (cells from the inside of the cheek) are the fastest to respond to any changes.

We have established some regularities in the changes in electrical activity of buccal cells and their cytomorphological parameters in case of any changes in the life processes.

By examining various parameters of cells and their combinations, our system called The Luven Diagnostic allows, with a high degree of accuracy, to detect oncological diseases, localization of a diseased organ, tendency of progression of the disease and comorbidities.

A large number of studies ,conducted in cancer centers ,showed that The Luven methods’ accuracy is up to 96% for some types of cancer, which is a very high rate comparable to biopsy.

Advantages of The Luven Diagnostic Complex

High diagnostic accuracy at a low cost;

One examination replaces several types of diagnostic tests;

No pain, discomfort or side effects;

A possibility to check several organs with one test;

Early disease diagnosis when there are still no visible signs of a disease;

Portability (space-saving equipment can be carried around and used in areas with no hospitals or laboratories);

Quick test results (within 15 minutes);

Periodic checkups to avoid non-effective drug therapies;

Diagnosis allows to detect cancer in its early stages, to ascertain a diseased organ and stage of disease, to carry out metastatic evaluation, to differentiate between benign and malignant tumors. This diagnostic method is particularly valuable as it allows to select the most suitable type of treatment, since there are no restrictions for the frequency of testing and no counter-indications. After a course of chemotherapy, this method allows to estimate effectiveness of the treatment given.

Luven recognizes metastatic lesions when other diagnostic methods are helpless;

Unlike other diagnostic methods, it differentiates between chronic inflammatory conditions and cancer. Other diagnostic techniques, including paracentesis with a negative result, are not 100% reliable.


beginning of studies


patients tested

up to 96%

diagnostic accuracy

5 minutes

to run a test

How the test works

Diagnostic procedure

  • A patient card should be filled out in the computer program;
  • A buccal swab is carefully collected with a mouth spatula and placed under the microscope;
  • The program records a video from the microscope and transfers it to the processing center;
  • Within several minutes the program receives a printable report;

Based on data processing results the report shows:

  • Cancer lesions in the body, if any;
  • Predisposition or liability to cancer;
  • Comorbidities according to the international classification of diseases (ICD-10 and TNM);


We already have patents in Ukraine and Russia, also we've submitted an application to WIPO that secures our international reputation and allows us to obtain local patents in various counries.
The technology for diagnosing cancer is protected by the official publication of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) - WO2016089336 The use of technology without author's permission is prohibited.
Google Patents

Our history


The development of this method started in early 1983 at the research institute, chair for genetics. Based on the cellular theory by Rudolf Vichow, a team of scientists was working on a diagnostic method and studying buccal cells.

It took 28 years to collect a so-called “deviation album” which established a relationship between cell parameters and body conditions.

galinaMs. Galina Shchukina, a genetic scientist and cytologist, was at the head of the scientific research. She conducted an in-depth study of scientific papers describing a new biophysical concept of the gene activity regulation based on the role of relationship between homologous chromosomes and genome. Ms. Galina then requested her husband Mr. Alexander Shchukin to search for a technique allowing to accurately count a number of positively and negatively charged nuclei. Since then Mr. Alexander, a nuclear physicist who studied at the chair for experimental nuclear physics, became a part of the team and buckled down to that difficult task. During eight years the lab scientists were trying to find an accurate method to count charged nuclei and get a precise number. As a result of thousands of experiments, they invented an ion trap sending impulses on cells and, thus, allowing to differentiate between positively and negatively charged cell nuclei. In this manner, 8 years later, it became possible to calculate the percentage of negative charged nuclei (bioelectrical charge) and to easily estimate an actual physiological age of any organism

It was the first milestone in the development of LUVEN a unique diagnostic and treatment system.

The Shchukiny family took the lead of the team of scientists continuing further studies and research of this concept. All of this culminated in 2004 when they developed a new diagnostic method the main idea of which is that any changes in the body manifest at the cellular level, including buccal cells.

It has been more than 30 years now since they started comparing changes in healthy and diseased cells and studying interrelation between them. So far, has collected samples for examination from more than twenty thousand patients.

From 2007 until the present day, a new cancer diagnostic method has been formalized and automated by the scientists in cooperation with Mr. Nikolay Shchukin, Ms. Galina and Mr. Alexander’s son and postgraduate student of chair for biochemical engineering.

pribor luvenIn 2010 the team embraced IT specialists and mathematicians who put all the knowledge and formulae into the software of Luven Diagnostic system. They set up a commercial enterprise promoting the new technology.

In 2014 they launched Luven Diagnostic franchise which boosted development in many countries (more than 23 newly opened diagnostic rooms diagnosed more than two thousand patients), but soon afterwards our team faced a large number of problems that couldn’t be solved without big financial investment:

1. The software, at that time, transmitted images from the microscope to our processing center where a team of cytologists would specify parameters for the received material, after which the computer would process the data and give a result. We were putting great efforts into teaching cytologists how to correctly record image parameters which closed the door to our prospective growth. Also, our lab assistants couldn’t work 24/7 which caused long delays in text interpretations, just as the number of those tests was constantly increasing;

2. We couldn’t sell our diagnostic system to other countries, since the method required certification and clinical trials which, in turn, requires big money.

Finally, we decided to take a pause and improve the software by adding computer-assisted learning (automatic corrections of coefficients in formulae for the database of clinically confirmed patient diagnoses) that will allow us to constantly improve diagnostic accuracy, run clinical tests and re-start our project in many countries at the same time.

Why do we need ICO?

We need money for:

  • further studies, since the technology allows to not only diagnose cancer, but also detect other diseases;
  • debugging software for computer-assisted learning, automatic recognition of images transmitted from lab microscopes, generation of the database of patients and their test results for trending and informing patients on the necessity of being diagnosed;
  • other business-related operations;
  • marketing and advertising;
  • opening a center in Austria to study the method;
  • legal services;
  • opening new labs worldwide;
  • developing a diagnostic device specially for family use;
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What are benefits for investors?

Investment prospects

Unlike the majority of projects involving crowdfunding, our company has already completed 90% of the project.

We have already conducted studies, developed the entire procedure and received several patents for the procedure. Also, we have all the necessary equipment and software which can produce income and treat people even today.

Token holders have two opportunities:

  • receiving a part of the company income;
  • exchanging their tokens for testing services with a 30% discount, using or selling them to wholesale customers (such as clinics, insurance companies, physicians in private practice etc.);

*Investors from the countries where tokens equal securities (such as USA or China) will not be able to share the company income, however, they will have a possibility to exchange their tokens for tests with a 80% discount, use them or sell them to wholesale customers. It means that the company will exchange tokens for tests 5 times cheaper than the market price.

Your investment is not only a cure for a huge number of people, but also your tool for making money from the capitalization growth and test sale.

Business Model

The company will start selling sets of necessary equipment to labs, hospitals and physicians in private practice.

Tests will be read on the company servers, each test will be paid for. The diagnosis price will vary from country to country. The lowest price will be based on the current GDP per capita. The company services will cost 50% of the retail price. In this manner, we will ensure a balance between affordability of the diagnosis for the population and Company income.

Test price

We are planning to re-invest 50% of the company income back into the business and technology development and allocate another 50% to the token holders.


  • 1983

      Development started

      Development of the cancer diagnostic method started, based on the study of buccal cells(cells from the inside of the cheek)

  • 2004

      Formation of the methodology

      A cytomorphobiologial diagnostic method appeared which formed the basis of the diagnostic complex

  • 2010

      Team expansion

      Team expansion. A commercial enterprise promoting the LUVEN trademark was established. The software automating a part of the diagnostic procedure was created.

  • 2014


      The diagnostic method was patented, completion of the clinical trials, creation of the software diagnostic complex presented at two international medical exhibitions “The 5th International Medical Forum” and “Health Care 2014”. Opening first franchise outlets.

  • 2015


      In five months after launching a franchise, the contracts were signed with more than twenty outlets, half of which have already run tests on more than two thousand patients. Suspension of activities for a time allowing technology enhancement.

  • 2016 - 2017

      Software enhancement

      Software enhancement, additional clinical trials. Optimizing a big number of the system algorithms.

  • september - december 2017

      Preparing and starting a preICO

      Preparing and starting a preICO aimed at fundraising for the software enhancement, legal costs and operational expenses of the project.

      Start: 12.12.2017 12:00 GMT
      Finish: 29.12.2017 12:00 GMT

  • january 2018

      Starting an ICO

      Start: 15.01.2018 12:00 GMT
      Finish: 28.02.2018 12:00 GMT

  • 2018

      Further software enhancement

      Further software enhancement, signing contracts with clinics worldwide for conducting clinical trials, opening a research center in Austria. Initiating certification of the method in the European Union and Eurasian Union

  • 2019

      European Union and Eurasian Union

      Opening 20 new labs in the European Union and Eurasian Union, incorporating a blockchain and developing a domestic exchange for token sale, working on the optical recognition of incoming images of the cell, creating a database of patients and their test results for monitoring tendencies and informing patients on the necessity of being diagnosed

  • 2020

      USA and Asia

      Starting clinical trials and certification in the USA and Asia

  • 2021

      Developing home gadgets

      Developing home gadgets (a home lab) for running tests on the entire family at any time, launching the product.

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    Allocation of Funds

    Our sales target

    At the preICO stage - 3 000 000 tokens (1st day bonus – 30%, 1st week bonus – 25%, 2nd week bonus – 20%, 3d week bonus – 15%)

    At the ICO stage - 27 000 000 (1st week – 10%, 1 to 1 onwards)

    9,000,000 tokens will be kept by the founders and developers of Luven Diagnostic.

    Bonuses will be also awarded for the investment volume

    >= 5,000 ETH 5%
    >= 3,000 ETH 4%
    >= 1,000 ETH 3%
    >= 100 ETH 2%
    >= 3 ETH 1%

    Token standard: ERC20.
    Rate: 1$ = 1 LVN
    Participation in ICO is possible both with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

    Clinical trials
    Legal part
    Team remuneration
    Bounty campaign

    Start: 12.12.2017 12:00 GMT
    Completion: 29.12.2017 12:00 GMT

    Start: 15.01.2018 12:00 GMT
    Completion: 28.02.2018 12:00 GMT

    If all the tokens are sold out at the PREICO stage, ICO will start earlier.

    Our Team


    Alexander Danilchenko

    Postgraduate Student of Chair for Biomedical Engineering

    Nikolay Shchukin

    Nuclear physicist

    Aleksander Shchukin

    Geneticist & Cytologist

    Galina Shchukina


    Grigory Evglevskiy

    Principal Software Engineer

    Alexander Kamensky

    PR Manager

    Yana Ivchenko

    SMO/SMM Manager

    Lina Lisitsa

    Early investor

    Eugene Chernogubov

    What people say

    Elena Kovtun. One of our patients.

    Tatyana Skrytskaya - PhD in Medical Science, M.D. Board Certified, gynecologic oncologist

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